Men's Ministries

As men, we face a different challenge in the world and it's nice to be able to get together and talk about different victories, concerns, and difficulties. As we continue to see God do wonderful things in the church, we are also excited about the great things He is doing in our lives as men. If you haven't been to a men's function yet, we encourage you to attend.


Some of our events include:

  • Men's Bible Study meets weekly at Escalon Youth Center
    (Wednesdays Nights at 6:30 PM)

  • Men's Fellowship Dinners (once every 2-3 months)

  • Day Trips and Men's Seminars

  • Annual Retreat (as possible)

  • Escalon Park Fete Fundraiser (July)



Men Matter.

In many ways our culture paints an unsavory, unseemly picture of manhood.  The standard for the way a man acts and conducts himself continues to be lowered.  Although some might see men's roles as insignificant, God tells a different story.  God says men matter, and He has appointed them to lead.  Men who fulfill this role are vital to the health of our homes, churches, and society.  Unfortunately, too many men follow the way of the world instead of embracing the call of God.  Instead of stepping up to their responsibility, they are stepping back.

Join us as we dive deeper into God's word!

Session Topics:
1. Intro
2. Be Watchful
3. Stand Firm
4. Be Strong
5. Let All You Do Be Done in Love
6. Closing Challenge