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Church Membership . . .

Amazing things happen when we commit to working together, in unity, for the purpose of advancing Christ's Kingdom!


Here at Trinity we do not "aggressively promote" membership, although we do encourage it.  Our fellowship of believers might be divided into several groups:  those who have responded to the Lord's direction in the commitment of membership; those who fellowship with us but have not yet joined; and those who just enjoy being exposed to the Christian life and are reaching out to receive His love and life through us!

We give the opportunity for attendees to become voting members as the Lord begins to draw and encourage them to be a vital, contributing part of this body of believers.


  • Consistent with Scripture, we require that you have personally received Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord. (John 3:3-5)

  • We also ask that you wholeheartedly support the life and leadership of Trinity by:  your regular attendance; the giving of your tithes and offerings; and serving with your gifts and abilities.



  • Members are part of the decision-making process for the future plans of our congregation.

  • Members help select the leaders of our church, including Board Members and the Senior Pastor.

  • The selection of military chaplains is based on the national membership of our church, therefore, the more members we have, the more Assembly of God chaplains may be assigned.

  • If we should need to borrow money for the relocation of our church, membership is the basis for lending institutions as they qualify us.

  • The State of California requires us to have a formal membership as a part of our non-profit status.


Please pray regarding this matter and if the Holy Spirit has impressed you, then we encourage you to respond to His prompting and identify yourself with this fellowship through membership. 


We do ask members to attend faithfully, serve willingly, and give joyfully! 

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