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Trinity Church supports 30 missionaries  and missions-oriented ministries around the world on a monthly basis.  We strongly believe that in order to reach our world, we must stretch our hands and finances outside our four walls. We want to reach people from all different backgrounds and walks of life.  Because of the faithful giving from those in our congregation, we enable others to reach people for Jesus - people you and I will never meet in our lifetime.  

If you are giving faithfully to our missions fund, we want to thank you!

Scripture tells us to "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to everyone."  We may not all have the chance to go into the world or around the world, but, we can do our part by supporting missions and being obedient to God's direction in our lives. 
We invite you to join us in reaching the world for Christ!  Faith Promise Pledge Cards can be completed and turned in at anytime throughout the year.  Your monthly giving to missions helps us to continue our monthly financial support to our missionaries.  

We provide Faith Promise Pledge Cards to our congregation during our Missions Emphasis Week  in October each year.  These pledge cards help us to determine our budget for monthly giving to the missionaries and ministries we have pledged to support.  Faith Promise Pledge Cards are available at the back of the sanctuary year round, and can be turned in at any time of the year.  If God has laid it on your heart to  give weekly/monthly/yearly to missions, and you want us to include your giving in our estimated budget, please take a card, fill it out, and drop it in the offering boxes at the exits of the sanctuary.

We love to support Africa Oasis Project!  It is an organization that helps people in small Africa villages to dig wells for a safe supply of water that is close and accessible to them.  We sell bottled water in our church foyer for a donation of $1 each.  The funds from these donations go to AOP and will be used to help build a well for a community in Africa.  We are so thankful for each person who participates to make this possible. 


If you would like to give a larger donation specifically to Africa Oasis Project, please make your check payable to "Trinity Church" and designate it for "AOP" or "Africa Oasis Project" on your giving envelope.

Remember to pray

for our missionaries!


  • Safety

  • Open doors to preach the Gospel

  • Divine appointments to reach people

  • Provision

  • The lonely hearts who long for their family at home

  • Fresh vision

  • Health and physical strength

  • Effective ministry

  • . . . and for lives to be changed in the name of Jesus!


We'd love to have you join us for a missions trip!  In 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2019 missions teams from Trinity Church traveled to Fiji, Ukraine, Argentina, Baja Mexico, and Poland for construction and ministry missions trips.  Our anticipated trips back to Poland in 2020-2022 were canceled, due to the pandemic.  Instead, we got creative and did a "missions trip" to our own church in September 2020 and October 2021 - remodeling our sanctuary stage, replacing the sanctuary carpet, remodeling our activity center, and much more.

Our last missions trip was to Wolczyn, Poland  in June 2023.   We traveled with 12 team members. We were able to minister to the community of Wolczyn by teaching English and parenting classes, as well as providing a baseball camp for kids to learn how to play baseball. 


We are returning to Poland in 2024.   If you are interested in joining us, please see the trip information under "Events and More" on our website.  PASSPORTS ARE REQUIRED.  If you're serious about joining us you'll need to start working on getting your passport now.  

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