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Weekly Events

The following is a basic list of typical weekly activities.  Please access the "Events & More" tab on our website for information on upcoming events and opportunities. 
We invite you to contact the church office (209.838.3000) if you have any questions.


You are important!!!

You are loved!


9 AM - Life Classes (Please check the schedule)

10 AM - Morning Worship Service and Children's Ministries

2 PM - DiscipleShop Men's Gathering (in Modesto)


6:30 PM - Ladies' Evening Bible Study

Location:  Dana Corbin's Home 

(Please contact Dana at 209.988.8759 for a schedule.)


6:30 PM - Anchored Student Ministries

(6th-12th grade)

Location:  Escalon Youth Center



6:30 PM - Men's Bible Study

Location:  Activity Center

(Please contact the church office for a schedule)


9:30 AM - Ladies' Bible Brunch

Location:  Activity Center

(Note:  September through April)

6:00 PM - Thursday Night Prayer Service 

Location:  Sanctuary

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