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Bullet Journal

Annual Business Meeting


@ 11:45 AM

This year’s Annual Business Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, February 18th.  The meeting will be held in the Sanctuary after the morning service. 


• Annual Report of Ministries

Confirmation Vote to Elect Three New Board Members for 3-Year Terms
After the nomination process and Board ratification, the qualified candidates who have allowed their names to stand for the election process are as follows:  
Leslie Bua, Corey Morris, and Tammy Swanson.  These positions are for 3-year terms.  Since there are three open positions on the Board this year and there are three nominees willing to serve, the voting membership will simply vote yes or no to confirm these elections to the Church Board.

• Confirmation Vote to Appoint One Board Member to Fill a 2-Year Term Vacancy 
We have a rare situation this year, as there are technically four positions that need to be filled on the Church Board.  Good business practice recommends that it is not beneficial to replace more than half of a board in one year.  With this in mind, the Church Board has unanimously agreed to appoint Gus Cortes to stay on the Board and fill this vacancy for the 2-year term.  They are asking the voting membership to confirm this appointment.

All voting members are strongly urged to attend to ensure that we have a quorum for the meeting. 



but only voting members are permitted to vote!


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